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How to use the Security Stations



  • Staff is required to swipe-in and swipe-out each day using their assigned Hackensack proximity ID card, or "badge".
  • Staff must swipe-in as soon as they enter the building (regardless of start time), swipe-out whenever they leave/re-enter the building (i.e., lunch, to travel to another building, etc.), and swipe-out at the end of the work day.
  • No staff member is allowed to use the ID card of another staff member at any time.



  • With the exception of staff who participate in certain after-school programs/activities (see below), for security reasons, all staff should swipe-out when they leave the building at the end of the day (not at contractual end time).



  • If a staff member participates in any after-school program in the same building, they should swipe-out at their contractual end time and swipe back in immediately after (unless they are leaving the premises).
  • If a staff member participates in any after-school program located in another building, they must swipe-out when leaving the premises and swipe-in at the other location (if other location is a Hackensack Public Schools building and time clock is available).
  • All staff participating in after school programs must swipe out upon leaving the building at any time including at the end of the work day.



  • Staff members will only be able to swipe at the locations they are normally assigned to.  If you travel to a location for a meeting or PD and it is not a site you normally visit, you will not have access to the Security Station at the location.  Therefore, you should follow the established building procedure for visitors and complete the sign-in sheet at the meeting or PD.



  • If a staff member does not have their badge, they must sign-in/sign-out at the main office and complete a "Swipe Change Form" in order to have your timesheet corrected.  Please use only one sheet with all missed punches for that day. 



  • If a staff member misplaces or loses their assigned badge, they will have 48 hours to request a replacement at a cost of $5.00 (see "ID Replacement" below).  The attached form "ID Card Replacement Form" must be completed along with a "Swipe Change Form" in order to have your timesheet corrected.  Please use only one sheet with all missed punches for that day.  For additional days, use one sheet per day.



  • If you miss a punch, please notify the Main Office as soon as possible and complete a "Swipe Change Form" in order to have your timesheet corrected.  Please use only one sheet with all missed punches for that day.  For additional days, use one sheet per day.





Missing/lost ID cards should be reported as soon as possible using the online form linked from the homepage (www.hpsnet.org) under "Forms and Policies" (left-hand column). If you miss a swipe as a result of a missing/lost ID, please inform the main office and follow the procedure for reporting missed swipes.

Please be advised as per Board Policy 3250.1, there will be a $5 fee for the replacement of each lost ID card:

"The district is responsible for providing employees with district Identification Cards; hence, employees are responsible for safeguarding their ID card. Excluding wear and tear, a nominal administrative fee of $5 per card shall apply to the replacement of each ID card."

This fee is payable by cash, check or money order.

To Pay by Cash:

Cash payment will only be accepted if paid in-person to the Business Department located at 191 2nd Street between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM.

To Pay by Check or Money Order:

Checks and Money Orders can be inter-office'd/mailed. They should be made out to "Hackensack Public Schools" and addressed to:

Attn: Adrian Cepero
Department of Technology
Hackensack Public Schools
191 2nd St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Once payment has been received, your replacement card will be printed and inter-office'd to the location you designated through the online form.


Download this file (ID Card Replacement Form-Rev Feb-18.pdf)ID Card Replacement Form[Used to request a new ID card]187 kB
Download this file (Swipe Change Form.pdf)Swipe Change Form[One per day]291 kB
Download this file (Using the Security Station.pdf)Security Station Guide[Visual Guide]218 kB

Join Our District Edmodo Subdomain!

Hackensack currently has its own subdomain on Edmodo, allowing us to take advantage of more advanced tools to improve communication and make it easier for you to connect to other staff members in your buildings.  In order to properly access the Hackensack Edmodo subdomain, please update your bookmarks to point to the following link:



How to Install SMART Notebook at Home

SMART Notebook is the powerful lesson creation software made exclusively for SMARTBoards.  It contains the largest library of pre-made content (both in its built-in gallery and through SMART's own SMART Exchange website) letting you quickly and easily enhance your lessons.  In order to better explore its features and prepare lessons, I would highly recommend installing SMART Notebook on your home PC or Mac (if you haven't already).  

To install the software, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Visit www.smarttech.com
  2. Click the "Support" tab, then "Software Downloads"
  3. On the next page, click "Select Version" under "SMART Notebook collaborative learning software"
  4. The latest version is 11 with SP1 (Service Pack 1).  However, if you currently have Version 10.8 installed on your classroom computer, that version is also available.
  5.  On the next page click "Download".
  6. Select "Yes" on the following page to decline the trial offer.
  7. Complete the information and click "Start Download"

After download and installation, you will need to activate your software or it will expire in 30 days.  Activation is simple and can be accomplished by registering your SMART hardware product.  You will need the Serial # of your board, which can be found on the bottom-right frame of the board and generally appears as SBD680-XX-XXXXX.  If your board has already been registered, please click here to retrieve your key.

If you would like a refresher on the SMARTBoard or SMART Notebook, visit the On-Demand training center.

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