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District Website and Teacher Pages Migration

UPDATE AS OF FRIDAY, 12/29:  The new District website is now live. The older SchoolWorld platform is no longer accessible. Please refer to the email sent today for further information on how to access (or request access to) your Teacher Page on the new platform.
UPDATE AS OF FRIDAY, 12/15:   District site has officially been migrated to the new platform.  While the new site is still in a sandbox phase until launch January 1st, all content from exisitng site has been transfered over.  Therefore, any new content added to the current site, including teacher pages, from today on will need to be added to the new site manually.  
Information for how to access your account on the new platform to begin making changes will be made available next week.
The District will be migrating its website from the current SchoolWorld platform to Blackboard's newer Web Community Manager platform by January 1, 2018.  
While the design and underlying platform of the site will change, the structure of the content will remain the same for the time being.  The structure will be updated over the coming months to improve both the visibility and accessibility of content but without the added confusion of having to navigate a new design along with a completely new content structure.  
Since this is a Blackboard to Blackboard migration, an added benefit is that they will also be migrating your Teacher Pages to the new platform. I will be providing turn-key training to staff on how to manage and update your pages in the new system.  Tutorials will also be made available online soon (one from another District is available below for now), but if you'd like to take a look at some of the features you can watch this video: https://youtu.be/Mf5u9dlIfXo
The website address will still be http://www.hackensackschools.org.


Two quick clarifications regarding the Website transition:  

  • The current Blackboard SchoolWorld platform was discontinued as of earlier this year and was scheduled be shut down December 31, 2017.  Therefore, this is not an optional move but a required, albeit much-needed, one to ensure the District's website meets newer Web 3.0 standards for functionality and accessibility (especially via mobile devices).
  • Teacher Pages will mostly be transitioned intact, including password protection (for any pages that have it), with some minor exceptions due to compatibility issues:    
    • Forms Page
    • Classes/Members of Class (not Google Classroom)
    • Password Protected pages will be restricted to Teacher view only. Password protection works slightly different in Web Community Manager.  Contact me once the transition occurs if you need help with password protecting a page.
    • Lesson Plans
    • Podcasts
    • Puzzles and Word Search
    • Quiz
    • Poll


Here is a 20 minute guide on how to edit your new WCM Teacher Page:


Additional guides/resources: 

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