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Student Data Privacy

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Digital learning has transformed the teaching and learning process by giving both teachers and students easy access to information and resources previously unavailable.  However, this transformation has also raised new concerns regarding the privacy and protection of student data in an interconnected world.  

The Hackensack Public Schools District is committed to expanding access to digital resources for students while safeguarding their privacy and data.  To achieve this the District has worked to create procedures for the approval/use of online resources, set security standards for District technology and developed a Data Privacy and Security Policy/Handbook that outlines the types of data that can be collected and how data can be access, collected, stored and, if appropriate, shared. 

For data security and privacy reasons, teachers are only permitted to use Apps/websites included on the following list:


Student Data Privacy Matrix


Please note that this is a dynamic list that will be updated as apps are approved.  If you have an app that you currently use or would like to use, please submit it using the following form for consideration:


Web App Review Application


Please allow 1-2 weeks for review.  To view the list of submitted resources, click here.

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