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2016-2019 Digital Learning Plan

The NJ Department of Education has approved the District's new 3-year Digital Learning Plan (previously the District Technology Plan).  Here is an excerpt of the vision statement along with a few highlights:


“Digital learning will allow us to transcend the boundaries of traditional teacher-led instruction through personalization and individualization of learning, student-led discovery, data-driven/dynamic instruction and “anytime/anywhere” access to curriculum and resources. 

  • A philosophical/pedagogical shift from “Integration of Technology into Instruction” to “Utilization of Technology for Instruction”
  • A deeper focus on “How” technology is used to facilitate learning (Curriculum and Instruction) rather than “What” technology is used  
  • “Anytime, Anywhere” access to learning – extending learning beyond the classroom and school day by providing access to digital tools and curricular resources from anywhere
  • Integrating digital learning into all instructional professional development opportunities (through SAMR and TPACK Frameworks)
  • Establishing school-based Digital Learning Teams with a strong curricular focus.
  • Building a culture of “Trust and Innovation” when using technology for instruction

Below is a Prezi created by the Department of Technology highlighting key aspects of the plan.  

Here is the plan in it's entirety:

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