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New VoIP Phone System Information and Training

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All phone lines have been converted to the new LightPath phones.  Training will be provided at each school at the beginning of September.  A schedule will be made available as soon as possible. 

While some of the benefits of a digital system may be less apparent to you, the end-user, since phone functionality will (at a minimum) have all the features of our previous analog phones, this digital system will also give us access to advanced features that were not available on our older analog system such as logical/uniform 4 digit extention dialing to any building/office/room in the District (see "Extensions" below) and an end-user online portal for you to manage your own phone/extension settings, voicemail and call-forwarding.  With this new system we will also now have accessible handsets in almost all classrooms in the District.

Optimum Lightpath Hosted Voice URL and Dial-In Numbers

Feature URL’s:


Dial In Numbers:

Remote Voicemail Access:

  • 516-336-MAIL (6245)
  • 516-325-7980
  • 203-693-MAIL (6245)
  • 973-431-MAIL (6245)
  • 609-539-MAIL (6245)

Conference Access Numbers:

  • 203-693-6997
  • 516-325-7997
  • 609-539-6997
  • 973-431-6997

Remote Call Forwarding:

  • 516-325-795


Downloadable Reference Guides:



A full directory will be made available shortly

All extensions are 4 digits.  Each building starts with a different number/code:

  • High School:  7xxx
  • Middle School: 6xxx  
  • Fairmount: 5xxx
  • Fanny M. Hillers: 4xxx
  • Jackson Ave: 3xxx
  • Nellie K. Parker: 2xxx 
  • BOE (191 2nd St): 1xxx
  • Old BOE/Special Services Building: 8xxx


Aside from some minor exceptions, for the most part, if you would like to reach specific offices in a building:

  • Main Offices are B000 or B001  (where B = Building Code above)
  • Nurse's offices in each building are B020
  • HMS/HHS Guidance (and Elementary Psychologists) are B030's
  • Child Study Team Members are B040's
  • Custodians are B050
  • Cafeterias are B060
  • Libraries/Media Centers are B070
  • Physical Education Offices are B080's
  • Classrooms are B + the room number (with some exceptions for room numbers that are not 3 digits or are duplicated such as 115A or 120N)

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