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Gmail Quick Tips and Training

Disabling Conversation View

Confused by how Gmail bundles emails and replies together into "conversations"?  You can disable this feature in Settings.  Click the gear icon at the top right and then select "Settings".  Under the General tab you will find the option to disable "Conversation View".


Labs are special add-ons you can enable in Gmail to enhance your experience and productivity.  To view and enable available labs, click the Settings icon (gear) and select "Settings".  Once in Settings, choose the "Labs" tab.  A few recommended tabs are:

  • Undo Send: A "must-have".  By enabling this Lab, you will have the ability to take back any email you send for a designated amount of time (10 seconds by default).  The amount of time can be changed in the General settings.
  • Auto-Advance: Mirrors Webmail Pro's behavior when deleting an email. Gmail normally returns you to the inbox after deleting an email.  By enabling this Lab, Gmail will automatically advance you to the next email in your inbox after deleting an email.
  • Preview Pane: This lab is automatically enabled for all Hackensack Schools users.  It provides a preview pane to read mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading faster and adding more context.  

Creating Contact Groups

To create your own groups for contacts, you will have to switch from Mail to contacts.  To switch, click "Mail" on the left side above "Compose" and then select "Contacts".  In the contacts, you can select "New Group..." and then begin adding users.  To select users from the Global Directory, click "Directory" on the left-hand menu.  You can use the search bar above the list of names to look for users.  To add them to your groups, just check the box next to their name, click the Groups icon at the top that has 3 sillouhettes, and then check off each group you would like to add them to.

Level 1 - Basic Features:

Gmail interface interactive tour

For more resources including advanced tutorials and lesson plans, click here.

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