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Security Stations


As per Ms. Lewis' email, all staff will be swiping in and out using the security stations at each school beginning 1/27/14.  
How to Swipe
The badge you received has an embedded proximity chip.  You only need to press or hold the card to the front-right side of the security station and it should read it.  Once read you will hear a "beep" and then press F1 to swipe-in or F2 to swipe-out.   If you receive any other message, please see "Reporting Issues" below.
When to Swipe
For security/safety reasons, staff should swipe whenever exiting or entering a building (not necessarily your start/end times).  For example, if you are required to report to work each day by 8:00 AM but you arrive at 7:30, you should swipe-in as soon as you arrive.  If you work any after-school programs, you should swipe-out only at the end of the program (unless program is located in another building).  In cases where the after-school program ends after the building has been locked, a swipe-out is not required at this time.
Staff that travels between buildings
If you travel between buildings, please swipe-out when leaving first location and swipe-in when you arrive at next location.  If you have any issues swiping in another building, please use the link below for reporting issues and select the locations at which you are experiencing issues.  We will need to add you to each security station manually.
Staff without a Badge
If you do not currently have a badge, please use the "Reporting Issues" link below to request one as soon as possible.
Reporting Issues
To report any issues related to badges or security stations, please click here.


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