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Gmail Transition Frequently Asked Questions

email transition

Below are several answers to frequently asked questions regarding the District's transition from Webmail Pro to Gmail.  We will continue to update the list below as information becomes available.

Q.  Why are we switching to Gmail?

Answer:  Gmail is a more modern and powerful email platform that provides a host of tools and features not currently offered by Webmail Pro.  Several features include 30Gb of storage per user, improved syncing of mail on mobile devices, improved search capabilities and complete integration with Google Docs and Google Calendar.

Q. When will we be able to use Gmail?

Answer: Very soon.  We are currently testing Gmail with a small group of early adopters.

Q. What will be my email address after we transition?

Answer: Your email address will remain the same as it is now.  Google Apps for Education allows us to use the Gmail email platform with our exisiting domain (@hackensackschools.org)

Q. What will happen to my old emails?

Answer: We will provide a procedure for transferring your mail to the Gmail platform.  However, this will be limited to received mail only unless you manually forward your sent mail using a special forwarding email address we will provide.  We will also continue our subscription to Webmail Pro's Message Guard system for a period of seven years to satisfy legal retention requirements, which will allow you to still search all of your older mail at any time.

Q. What will happen to my folders?

Answer: Unfortunately, due to limitations of the Webmail Pro platform, mail folders you have created cannot be exported or transferred.  However, all mail in these folders will be transferred in the process, but will all be placed in one folder (that you designate).  It is important to note that Gmail's search feature is very quick and easy to use and may reduce the need for separating email into subfolders.

Q. What will happen to my contacts?

Answer:  Unfortunately, since Webmail Pro is not compatible with modern email platforms, contacts cannot be transferred.  However, in Google you will have access to the Global Address List, which automatically provides suggestions from District contacts as you type an email or name.  You will also be able to add your own contacts very easily and create groups.  

NOTE: Although you will continue to have access to older emails in Webmail Pro for years, contacts will not be available after June 30, 2014.

Q. How much time is required to set up my account?

You'll be able to master the basics -- sending and receiving email and viewing and scheduling meetings -- very quickly. However, the time required to completely move over to Google Apps can vary, depending on the amount of mail you currently have in Webmail Pro. For example, for a typical email migration if you have never used the Gmail platform, expect to spend about 4 to 8 hours over the course of a week or so, to take training, review documentation, and set up your services. 

Q. Will you help me set up and use my Google Apps account?

To help you get started with your new Google Apps account, we'll provide you with documentation that contains instructions for accessing your account, setting up your new services and mobile device, and using the services (including migrating old email). There are also links to tutorials that can be found on the Single Sign-On page (Google Apps Hackensack Login icon).

Q. Will Webmail Pro still be available for use?

Answer: Webmail Pro will be available to send and receive mail through February 1st, 2014.  After February 1st, you will still be able to access Webmail Pro to view older emails and even forward them to Gmail, but you will not be able to receive.   After June 30th, 2014, you will only have access to the Message Guard component of Webmail Pro, which will allow you to search your older mail.   We will subscribe to Message Guard for a period of seven years.


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